Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you monitor the job?

We have a corporate-level manager assigned to oversee the level of service on accounts. On-site visits and routine inspections are done to ensure quality service.

Do you train your crew?

Yes! All of our staff are required to go through an extensive training program before they start.They must successfully complete the initial training.

Why should I go with a cleaning company that is owner operated vs. the larger companies?

Owner operated cleaning companies allow you to a local person on your side who is trained as well as interested in forming a joint partnership with you we offer the best of both worlds as a owner operated company.

What is your price/hour and or price/square foot?

The price of our service will depend on the size of your business as well as your specific cleaning needs. We assess your needs through individual consultation and present multiple pricing plans to fit all your cleaning and budget needs.

How do we communicate after the sale?

We have a commitment to open communications before and after the sale. But after the sale, we will keep a log book, an on-site record, which provides ongoing communication between you and our company team that is available day and night calls or emails to all clients.

What kind of chemicals do you clean with?

We use cleaning products that protect health without harming the environment. We use green cleaning techniques to achieve that.


We love to make our clients happy.  Here is some quick notes from our past and current clients.

Woman Health Center


I highly recommend Allstate Cleaning Pro. All of the staff members are extremely professional, communicative, and provide great customer service. I am happy that they are providing our daily janitorial service.

Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum P.C Attorneys at Law


Every time the crew cleans everything is clean in a neat professional way. Pictures are always straight and dust free. The kitchen looks new and the bathrooms are perfect, all glass and fixtures are fingerprint free the whole place is fresh and clean. Highly recommend this company to anyone I know.


DSA Holdings LLC


These janitorial service providers did everything right! They did a wonderful job and did a lot of the little things that many other cleaners wouldn’t do. We have a large office that I couldn’t clean. This is why I hired bing commercial cleaning services for my daily service, They are really easy to talk to and have a professional staff My office is now spotless!

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